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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Pretty Women are overrated!!!!!!!

Wait, wait, hold up, gimme a sec, take a chill pill pips *dusts shirt*
Kai, u guys should gimme a break, yess I understand what Im saying.....n yimu to u too sir, but it might be interesting to note that I am quite a stunner myself! but im not overrated sha.

Pheww, ok, yes pretty women are overrated......quick question, who made the standard for beauty?? hmmn, tell me, n I always wonder why, all the Bible stories we have all have Adam wiv some really compact and tight 6-pack abs and Eve with slim, nice curvy shape with long hair. For Christ sake who was there at the age of the garden of Eden, for all I care, Adam could have been some fat, round dude with bushy hair and Eve, a very 'african' woman wiv voluptuous assets all round (I mean, even science points to Africa as the cradle of mankind).

Its quite amazing mostimes to see how, I think men would already know this, to see how guys would be falling over each other all in the bid to get a 'hot' girl........dude, the fact that she's pretty doesnt mean she's pleasant…..I guess u haven’t seen a fineeeeeee young lay-deh who just cant shut up! Sounds funny, buh hmmmn, I just pray that u don’t meet her brova, I pray u just don’t!
Seriously, Im tired of seeing guys who are waiting to find gurls like......who's the 'hottest' now sef, I dont even know, buh, im tired of guys waitng to find gurls like that in their neighbourhood, all slim n what not, I mean, those gurls where not raised in a country where eba or pounded yam was a steady dinner! Stop looking up to the western media for the definition of beauty.

*mumbling under her voice*, I mean I don’t even understand where and how we got the adjective ‘hot’ as an adjective to describe a woman! Like seriously, of all the words in the English language……’hot’, seriously….shouldnt that be the temperature of the sun! or the adjective to describe soup or something of the sort or even of a sick person body temperature, not a beautiful woman joor.

I know we’ve heard about the ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder or even ‘beerholder’, but, really, ‘beauty’ is in everyone of us….yes ma’am, even Mr Ibu’s married and to a beautiful wife too! it’s just a pity that the media has so programmed our minds into believing that ‘Mr right’ must be some tall, well built, 6-pack hunk (Dearfuturehusband, im not relasing u oh, u better not get round), yes, he mustn’t be hunky, she musnt be curvy.

God made everyone in His image, so everyone is beautiful, or in the words of the Creator Himself, everyone is ‘good’. Lets try n look more on the inside than the outside……..n I’m not talking about her underwear dude.

O.k for e.g, a gurl might be mighty fine, and might look like she’s all independent and don’t need ur money, but if she aaaaaalllllllwwwwaaaaaays expects u to get the bill anytime u guys go out… light,…….i’m saying she’s a golddigger n she aint messing wiv no broke dude!
Its not all about the brazillian hair n the long legs n the clingy clothes n the pointed nose, lets get our standards right before we find out that the ultimate gold was just fools gold!

Yours………..stunning and not overrated.