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Friday, 13 January 2012

Just a lil humour while we 'occupy'

List of most hilarious church names in Nigerian culled from STREAM magazine of covenant university mass comm. department
Jehova Sharp sharp min
Hurricane miracle min
Healing tsunami min
Satan in trouble min
Fist of fury min
Run for your life min
The yoke must broke ministries……….yesso its no typo, its broke not break, chai *shakes head in pity*
By fire, by fire min
David killed Goliath min
My brother is a Christian Church of God…..ok, I’m not sure this one is real oh
Fellowship of the wings…..abeg oh, doesn’t this sound like a coven?!
High Tension ministries………..hmmmnn it is well oh
Devil go hear am Jesus min
Accredited Church of God…..wait, wait, lngkmfh, who did the accreditation, National Union of Churches abi, chai, rotflol.
Chukwudi and son evangelical min (igbo man no dey carry last)………it was culled from a magazine oh no be me oh
Ministry of the naked wire
Laboratory church of God
Go and tell Ahab that Elijah is here min…….ok, after that, then…..ahhh, naijerians
God is real min (motto: Jesus no get muscle but he get power)
Fire burn ministries
Jesus the landlord ministries
Happy go lucky Church of God almighty in Jesus name amen…….I was just as puzzled as u are when I first read this
Strong Hand of God ministries
Best spot in the land church of God
Trigger happy min (motto: always firing the devil)
Kasaburu Church of God……remember it was culled from somewhere oh, no be me oh
Seven thunders of Jesus
El-shaddai shall not die ministries
Best of the year
A very merry, bomb-free, subsidy full new year to all my beloved readers. Yes, I know it’s a lil late for a new year compliement, but I still wish you guys the best..


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