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Friday, 4 May 2012

Just a lil sumfin sumfin....

*coughs while dusting cobwebs* kai, oh boy see well fed spiders, mehn, its being a while, n I know u don’t want me to yarn extra dust as the one on my blog is enough, oya sorry, e ma binu, buh the truth is that I have very good reasons oh. I’m in my final year oh, like final semester of 500lvl……if u don’t want to understand, then yimu to u, lol.

So this is just a lil something something. I wrote this way back, like 3 years ago.


Its my stomach not yours, don't measure my pocket with my plate, I just might have other priorities like a reserve on history's slate.

Besides better rice and beans in peace, than grilled turkey and ketchup in war. Yeah, the one that happens behind the 'convenience door'

A cube of sugar in a jug of tea is the same in a cup pf tea, in the end, its still a cube of sugar in tea, its just the size we see.

So next time you see the size of my plate, just remember its all in my priorities and how I relate

Yours always,


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