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Sunday, 17 June 2012

....So, its Time To Go

Warning: this post is a result of my findings of a particular group of people, events and situations may not be easily relatable.....buh its a good read though :)

 So, when its time to go and Im sure some of you’ll have ur 'stabbing' schedule all planned out….well, from some who’s passed through probably the most dynamic of them all, DON’T STAB, but, if you happen to arrive at the venue way after ‘fashionably late’, its prolly better, u just turn back, cos Im sure u’ve realized for yourself that in ur school, its better never than late and there’s no joke intended in that.

So, as an eagle….wow, it feels awesome typing that, as an eagle, I’ll be dropping some tips for our upcoming eaglets for surviving this season, you might find some of them funny, buh it’ll be great service to u if u heed them… matter how silly.

Point 1: Get an alarm clock, this might sound flimsy n casual, buh trust me, going to bed by 4am, n having to wake up by 6am for church service is no joke, u’ll truly experience what Paul the apostle said meant wen he said, the spirit is willing, buh the flesh is weak!

Point 2: its time for a carry-on shoe, carry-on tie, carry-on blazer, yeah u heard me right, carry-on, something u can put in your bag, laptop bag, handbag, anything, I mean, since u know not the hour or the venue, buh u know that u must appear properly clad in ur royal raiment, its only wise to ‘be prepared’

Point 3: develop a strong sense of hearing. Both for audible sounds and inaudible sounds, there no other situation that’ll describe keep ur ears to the ground than this…….I mean, u could even try hearing people’s thoughts too ;), cos at this period, the hall attendant isn’t the only one who gives reliable info, ur next door neighbor might just have a more reliable info.

Point 4: Forget what Oxford says, solemn can also mean strange, unusual in addition to…..I can t even remember what Oxford says it actually means. Buh what im trying to say is that, in addition to the fact that no two words in the English language mean the same thing, new meanings can pop up at anytime!

Point 5: The hours on the clock have just being bought, yea, during this period, some of the hours on the clock are yours……scratch that, all the hours on the clock are not yours anymore, its their school, so its their time, and that means you can be called up at anytime, from 6am, to 12midnight for purposes like……anything….important stuff, irrelevant stuff, anything, oh yea, silly stuff like ‘Procedure for Community Development for final yr students’, and no I’m not kidding, that actually happened, that meeting was for 10pm and lasted till almost 12am.

Point 6:to the ladies, for your own good, come packing……. for the gents, I guess it just means, come with ur appropriate writing materials, but for the ladies, now here’s you checklist
  • A very good and big bag 
  • A portable slippers, trust me you’ll need it 
  • Gum 
  • Sweets or chocolate 
  • A very good, good book, I really hope u get this part cos this book cant be a boring one. 
  • And last buh not least a….or sorry, that cant fit into a bag. Lets just maje that point 7
Point 7; Now get urself a partner, a seating partner, yea, u know what im saying, a…sorta contract partner, who knows that the partnership has an expiry date, someone who would always light up the boring times, buh also knows when to shut up and listen and who knows something serious might actually start from there. It has to be someone new, not anyone from your normal circle of friends.

Point 8: You know how they say ‘a stitch in time saves nine’…..well, when its time to go, ‘asleep on time saves spine’, lemme explain. During this period you are going to feel like u are just going to fall n faint a lot of times……im sorry, u wont, even though, u’ll still have project stuff going on, and then there are training sessions/classes, u’ll pull through, buh, regardless of the time the evening session ends, wen u get to ur room, SLEEP, don’t form superman or woman, I understand u’ll hav pressing issues, buh pls, catch some sleep, here’s y. You get to ur room still try to do some project work with sleepy eyes n then fall asleep eventually only to hv u roomie wake up (5mins later in sleepworld) to prepare for the morning session, n then u r obviously late n u get there n don’t find a seat, n If u actually do, it’ll be a bad seat n u’ll have nasty back issues in addition to the crappy work u did earlier in the morning which u’ll hv to redo btw. So, u see, asleep on time saves spine.

Point 9: When it come to keeping seats, especially overnight, don’t just do it anyhow, study the art….trust me, its an art, see how its done, the places to keep ur ‘keeping material’, the areas to keep, stuff like that, except of course u want ur keeping material missing, n by keeping material, it could be anything, trust me, ive seen it all, from notebooks to ladies pulled out hair extensions, to guys ties tied securely round the kept seat, and this tie’ll most likely be what they’ll also be wearing throughout the next day (point 2).

Hmmmnn, Im feeling quite wise having poured all that 'wisdom' ;)

I do hope u heed them young eaglets.

...............Yours ever soaring.



  1. looool Nice 1... Ermmm my one n only rule in cu
    You are safer in ur room... Stab everytin stab-able .....lemme explain... Defaulters r neva punished so far sha... n u dat went.. if u 4got bible like dis.. bye or if u r caught late 4weeks... if u r out with a lady chilling @ nite.. Bus 5 so u c
    So it's berra u r in ur room

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