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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Number 2

Here I am, surrounded by all these great people; fashion tycoons, talk show giants, philanthropist, photography icons, TV giants, Tech Whiz, everybody here has a dream, a vision, one burning desire or the other, they are all talking about passion and purpose. I know I have one of those too, I’m know im special too, but I can’t seem to lay my hands on it, maybe I wasn’t meant to have one, maybe we all aren’t meant to have a passion….But the preacher said God made everyone for something, that we all have a purpose and we should find it in order to start living.

…..Well Preacher man, I’ve been searching a long long time for mine, gotten frustrated, seems I’ve got the proverbial hand of Midas I’m frustratingly good at everything I set out to do: Fine arts, Writing, Modeling, Speaking, Music…hold up, I haven’t tried music, maybe my passion is in music……but what if its not, what if its just a hobby just like the others, what if im just meant to lead the bathroom all stars choir like every other aspirant like me *fist bump in the air*

Been thinking a lot lately and Ive realized something, the preacher man lied.

Yeah I said it, they all lied, we cant all be number one, we cant all be ‘bests’, if we r all billionaires, who will work for us, if no one will do 9-5 jobs (which in reality is 7:30am-6pm or 7pm depending on the distance to your house) then who will work for the visionaries, If everyone wants to be 2baba, who will buy his CDs, If everyone wants to be Mark Zucherberg, who will use Facebook?

I might not be the number 1 artist or writer/blogger or speaker, but I know one thing that’s the only thing that can pass for a burning desire and passion, I know I love to help others get to be number 1, maybe that’s the almighty calling on my life, to help people achieve their dreams, to lend my shoulders to others to climb, to be the number 2 in the background, the Bartholomew among the disciples of Jesus, the Gail to Oprah,
It will be tough I know, backstage isn’t full of camera and lights, no one is really interested in what goes on there….ok, maybe just a few, but Its ok, I find fulfillment being the one who smacks your head and tells you ‘yes you can’

So in the mean time, Imma go try out music outside the bathroom *wink*

Your number 1 fan,


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

All men are NOT the same!

*Wipes dust off face* Im sooooo sorry I've been away, life just went on like a roller coaster, graduated, went to camp and now im serving somewhere above the confluence state  :-). But I'm serving now, and I've got access to superfast internet 24/7....ermmm, sorry 10/6 :-) and I have loads to rant and muse about.

Was at a church program some Sundays back and, my Pastor asked a very stunning question and I’m going to ask you too.

Do you know how many people will cheat on their partners if they knew they’ll never be caught?

You might not be sure of the stats, but you just might, right? And more shocking is the awfully painful truth I realized after the service. Men, especially in this part of the Niger, cheat simply because they can!

Let me explain,

Mr G is a 5’6 typical Nigerian man, married to the Mrs and they have 3 children to show for the 9 years of marriage, all boys btw. So it happens that Mr G is bored with his wife and wants a lil sumfin sumfin by the side, a lil more curve, a lil more whatever you guys call it, but note, Mr G has a very healthy and well rounded ‘one pack’ and since he’s an average Nigerian man who is expected to be a regular 'eba swallower', its allowed to have a pot belly.

Now to the Mrs, with grateful hearts to the big J, she has kids by him, and none look like the neighbor neither are they all gurls, buh JUST BECAUSE she has gained ‘some’ over the years and….maybe she has a few bicycle tires on her waist, then he gets tired and blames the quenching love life on her……..what about him, is it cos she’s tryna be a Prov 31 woman that he doesn’t know that she also wants an Idris Elba or a Chris Attoh, camaaan, cut her plenty slack, child bearing is no joke, I always hear guys talk about how we women let ourselves go, well, men let go too, *rolling my head*. And so he gets a younger gurl who’s still got some curves and then the Mrs hears and when she complains to her own mother, she has this to say

“Take it easy my dear, men are all the same, you have to bear with him, all men cheat, he’ll grow out of it, even your father had 1, it’s what makes us the wives, you have to be mature about it”

My 1st reaction is @#$%^*!@ ARE YOU KIDDING, but then again, this is real talk, real life and then Oga himself is not even ashamed, feels it’s his right and expects her to understand, even the society doesn’t frown on it as much as it frowns when the Mrs is the one ‘eating out’, camaann, its not fair, I don’t believe all men are the same, and why can’t he be the mature one, how old does he have to grow till he matures, some of these men are grandpas, I mean Wikipedia says the ratio of men to women in Nigeria is 1.04, which means there are more males than females, isn’t he even happy he got one, I mean…whats happening is not fair, but I don’t even know who to  point at, the women are suffering alright, but they are also the contributors and the men being men are just riding on the wings of our own handmade theory.

Its still sounds insane, but there are still women out there with this school of thought, ‘I know you are cheating, but please be smart about it’, O honey *in Marshall Ericsson’s voice*, even if he’s smart about not getting caught, what about the STDs, what about all the money he’s spending on her, yes, what about it mehn. I used to be part of those women who say, if you cheat, pls be smart about it, but then I realized, it’s a silly thing to think, not all men are the same!

Men, over the years, knowingly or unknowingly built the notion that a woman should basically know how to cook clean, and generally run a home, just by expecting it! We can do the same, cheating isn’t natural, its not ‘a mans thing’ and pls don’t gimme that crap about different pots of soup, I have bitterleaf, efo and edikaikong soup in the freezer, tell me when you are hungry.

Yours……..ever loving :)