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Monday, 13 June 2011

Stupid lies we tell our own selves!

  • §      ‘I know I’m not supposed to listen to this song, but I’m just listening to the beat!!! C’mon, be truthful just for……..a millisec, u know it’s a very big phat lie! the next thing you know you are saying those words and when u realize, the song is stuck in your head, you start whistling or humming it instead (with the words still playing in your head sha)
  • §      When we are asked if we prayed for the meal, we go ‘yea I did, I prayed in ma mind’, ha yea rite like u prayed before u went to bed!
  • §      We just get this amazing deal on a gadget we’ve been eyeing or a fantabulous purse n it will imply we don’t give tithe for that month and we go, ‘I’ll definitely pay it next month, God understands, I’ll pay, I definitely  will’ boy, this cracks me up, come on, really, tithe brought forward! God can’t be mocked, we all know that tithe will NEVER be paid.
  • §      Dozing during morning devotion and lying to ourselves that we were praying, OM blessed G, haaa, this is a classic stupid lie because, before you are accused, the accuser would have alerted everyone to your direction, but that doesn’t stop the stupid lie, does it, *rollingonthefloorlaughingoutloud*, chai, everyone has falling victim to this from the lastborn in the house to the dada.
  • §      Mummy calls from the parlor and asks is the soup in the freezer and you answer while still rushing to carry like 5 plates stacked on each other ‘Yes mummy, they are in the freezer’, LIAR! Which freezer!? *laughingoutsoloud*.
These are just a few I can remember, you can add other ridiculous lies we tell ourselves
Bless y’all

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