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Monday, 28 November 2011

Hunting Season

Haaaa, so we had a trade fair in my school and it was just like hunting season, except, this time, it’s the guys that are ‘hunted’ down to satisfy the insatiable wants of the ladies.

So, this year, I participated in the trade fair, so I wasn’t in the hunt, rather, I was an observer….like the referee. To really understand the situation, I would like to let you in on......some of the circumstances at this period. At this particular time in school, it’s very close to ‘end of month’ and the really fat 5 figure acct bal is now a dangerous 4 figure, also for the really sweet and family loving guys, they see this time to get stuff for their loved ones at home, oh, and also the ATMs in school have all been out for a while so Owu would be in the air, and a loaf of bread, would really be manna!

So with this scenario, let’s begin the reenactment. You happen to fall in the category above and its trade fair season, and, my God, I know it’s called trade fair, but I tell you some of the trade going on, is really not fair! (but mine was sha!)

Leke is well aware of the times and season, early in the morning, he just throws on some polo and heads to get breakfast…….lunch and dinner all at once to avoid coming out again! So anyways, he has successfully bought a pack full of ewa agoyin and bread and a pack of ewedu soup (sought out the allocation yourself!) and is headed back to his room, and  just as he is about to step back into his hall, Dele calls out and informs him that his own parents (Dele’s parents) are in school and would like to see him, excited and glad, he’s already calculating how much the minimum amount he would receive would be, he hurriedly gets to his room secures his all-in-one meal and hurries back outside only to find out that he missed them by a jiffy………frustrated and disappointed, he heads back to his room when..…..

‘Leke, Leke’, Shola calls out his name, and, busted, he turns to realize, this was Shola, the gurl he had been tracking for the past semester who always fronts and never has time for him, and he really likes this gurl……Well, the rest is yours to imagine!   

I stayed out long enough and, boy, I saw many funny/awkward moments. There was this……would I say couple,  I spotted them severally, going from stand to stand and the gurl would always be smiling and jumpy after every visit, but I never really saw the dude she was with, her face always sorta shadowed his face, but when I did…..boy did  I want to go and rescue this dude. You know that feeling when you are pissed that someone ate too much out of your food, but it was you who invited him so you try not to frown too much…..Baba was not smiling at all, the dude’s face was like gathering storm! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry……(wait, I have to laugh)

This is the time when those in relationships are glad they have a gurl, so every other gurl will have to maintain…..except you are the babe’s sister

O.k, so ladies abeg, trade fair is a season to purchase goods and make yourself happy, note YOURSELF, so abeg lets stop making guys miserable during this period, and guys, if you know you are a hot commodity, bera stack up before this season, at least for a ‘worst case scenario’

Yours……….in fat acct bal and red acct bal,



  1. some guys just remain indoors throughout this wonder what they ate all through.......

  2. Hmmn, my dear, you would be surprised how much soaked garri can swell!!!

  3. ...Well, Gu¥s of nowadays break up wif there gals during trade fair periods, easter, christmas and valentine so dat dey wouldn't buy gifts, ice cream e.t.c. Buh after d season dey kum bak apologizing....

  4. I hope u were not also hunted for...