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Monday, 5 March 2012

Yayyyyy, my 1st award

OM blessed G, Ms Infamous of just handed me the versatile blogger award, n u cant imagine how happy I am, I was doing project work oh, but I think this is a bigger project bringing returns way before envisaged payback time......sorry, too much book things.

So the basic rules are;

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.

2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.

3. Share 7 random things about yourself.

4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award pic on your blog post.

Here are my 15

Perfect randomness (7 random things.....get it)

I talk to myself sometimes.......hey, hey, relax joor, im very sane, its just needed sometimes you know, I even hear its healthy sef.....O.k, Im not sure about that sha but sometimes it helps to just speak to urself, you know, especially those times when the atmosphere is so quiet, its over the roof loud.

I loooooveeee art, shout out to one of the best art groups.....heck, the best art group, this side of mother earth, MIEN art, u guys are the best joor, dont mind those people that think all we do is play around with UHU and paint in Chapel till 10pm.

As untrue as it might seem.....I think I am a mushy romantic.....I guess i'm just to stubborn to admit it....note to futurehusband, this doesnt mean you will force me to watch titanic with u oh, there's a reason I still havent finished that movie.....its just too SAD!

I think alllll the literally speaking, even when I want to sleep, I have to consciously shut those wheels in my head from turning, its like its constantly churning out stuff, ideas, scenarios, fantasies, plenty things....o.k, this is quite funny, when I was younger....o.k, not so long ago, maybe 2. 3 years back, I even used to make up scenarios where I'll be in trouble, not too serious sha, the kind that is probable to occur in my environment, but i'll then come up with all the punch lines plausible to come out victorious! Weird ba, yea, yea I know

I loveee my parents, I know every one claims to, but I actually really trully love those guys.I love them for so many things, especially for the kinda upbringing they gave us. We were not born with silver spoons or any of such, but my mum espacially, taught us how to be content with whatever we had, teaching us to nurse and carter for our bronze spoons so much so that they now shine like gold ones :)

I used to almost be a tom-boy, it took me close to 2, 3 years to completely take the slouch outta my posture, loved rock n didnt give a croocked smile about what peole thought about me, didnt really like boys, they just all seemed like dogs! I said 'seemed' oh, so pls dont crucify me. But thanks to my besties Jalabia and 23, Je sius madmoiselle.

I absolutely Love the Lord, He's being several things to me at different times, there was the best friend/boyfriend phase, the father phase, the Lord and Master phase, in all He's been so faithful, so faithful I know I dont deserve any of His love cos I've been on a roller coaster walk with Him.
Therefore, dear Lord, Sweet sweet Jesus, the password to my life....both literally and metaphorically speaking, I dedicate this to ya mwah.....

Yours.........ever humbled,



  1. cool. lol @ no 4, you need to slow them wheels down sometimes. congrats

  2. thanks for the nomination, and numba 4, i have been there but with a far worse scenario.

  3. Hey dear, thanks for the nomination. It's my first blog award too :)

  4. Congrats sis...continue to be His Best!

  5. An interesting write up BUT wait a sec wat do u mean by Boys seem like dogs... i will say most girls 'seem' like She-dogs(Bitches) also....

  6. thank y'all *blushing, dear anon, i think i said some, buh i also agree dat its 2sided