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Monday, 27 June 2011

Box Heels!!!

I had that feeling yesterday…….that weird feeling of…..fear, like fear of the unknown, hoping for the best but also preparing for the worst
Let me explain, I was expecting shoes……… that I asked my mum to get for me, I asked her to buy them for me because the price of things here are ridiculously silly, common yoghurt that is 70 naira in the F.C.T is a whooping 120.

So I asked her to get one for me from home and as loving and wonderful as she always is, she bought 3. But now I’m here scared for myself and that’s because my mum’s fashion sense is still a little stuck in the 80’s, (she believes Caribbean skirts and corporate shirts are a perfect combo and doesn’t believe ‘Fela trousers’ are out of fashion) but don’t get me wrong she’s well advanced in other fashion aspects, in fact in bags, she’s got it, she even got me my first Caribbean skirt and believe me, I can still rock that skirt today, but then again…… So now you see my fear, I really hope she doesn’t go alone to shop for them, but I also hope she doesn’t go with someone like her ………hmmm, just relax I told myself, mummy knows best.

An hour later my cousins return and hand me a nylon of…………..towel, mscewww, I dropped it and searched till I found them, I held the nylon in my hands for like 2minutes before I opened them………..
Oh My God, this is one is beautiful…….and this one too, wow who knew she’ll get me really lovely heels…………..and then I picked the last one, my fears were staring at me in the face, nooooooo, it looked like a guys shoe, all elongated and square shaped infront, and had box heels! I was literally weak……….
But it’s alright, I have two lovely shoes to compensate right, and now I had to call and say thank you and also wear them to work tomorrow……….

This reminded me of my very young days, when mummy solely did the shopping, shoes, clothes, hats (especially those Sunday dresses that had shoes and bags made out of the same fabric with the dress) and as ‘good naija gurls’ we had to wear them with great gratitude and pride, little wonder we all turned out very confident girls, able to wear with pride whatever we had.

Coming to the now, even my little cousins will not wear anything that doesn’t have Hannah Montana or High School Musical or any Disney princess on it, they’ll cry and fall and roll on the floor, in my days, who dash you liver, ehhenn, don’t collect the dress, you’ll pay with your next two Christmas dresses.

Watching them display, it just makes me cherish all the more all the training I had, even the ones that seemed mean and selfish. Thank you mum, for you teaching me that if you can’t find the bright side of life, polish the dull side.

Yours……….thankful and content


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