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Friday, 17 June 2011

Judge Trudy

Today was another memorable day……… has nothing to do with a guy jor. Hmmmn, today, as silly and funny as it may sound, I was scared stiff, today, a giant ball of cotton wool got stuck in my ear! Don’t laugh oh, could have been you, and no I wasn’t carried away with the sweet feeling it gives neither was I using broom or any sharp object to chook it, it was a proper cotton wool, twas even the first one out of the new pack
While my cousins were trying all they could as they automatically became doctors (Nigerians are multitalented jore) using all sorts in my ear from toothpick to scissors, I was busy imagining all sorts. I imagined that the toothpick would get stuck too or it’ll burst something in my ear and I’ll become deaf……….tufiakwa! I also imagined that it will magically merge with my inners and it’ll make me have awesome superpower, being able to pick the sound of a pin drop on a rug! Ok, that’s the effect of too much powerpuff girls, but really my mind raced with all sorts of stupid imaginations some of which I had to visibly shake off.
When my cousins would try and only come out with tiny shreds, they tell me, ’You see why I don’t use that thing, Stop using that thing’ But I have to na, Im not suffering from OCD or any of such, but I love to keep my body clean, down to the tiny details, but noooo, he said a little ear dirt is good as it helps lubricate the ear as oil lubricates any system! Like say wheel dey for inside my ear.

The whole conversation brought me to the realization that most of us manipulate our lives and miss opportunities based on past failures. Because that wool got stuck in my ear, my cousin overruled the use of cotton buds. Maybe Mama Nkechi’s moi-moi made you purge and you decide that moi-moi is bad for you, you become ‘moi-moi intolerant’, or you happen to buy ‘superbite’ sausage roll and the one you bought was expired, and then you start spreading the news that saying that brand is bad, better still the pastor of a Church you were beginning to love makes advances at you and all hell is let loose, you label all members of that church hypocrites and all the pastor, home and abroad false prophets.

Its very wrong, I mean, Mama Nkechi might have mistakenly added laxative to the moi-moi and that pastor might just be a bad egg, im not saying we should not be able to logically make conclusions, but not on the first attempt. Shebi when people go for HIV test and it comes out positive, they don’t start digging their graves or swallowing anti-retroviral, they go for another test, even up to 5 other tests.

All im saying is, don’t be so quick to judge.

Oh and we finally drove to a proper hospital and had the wool removed, so im fine 

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