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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

9 deadly phrases men use.

I read an article on the facebook page of a friend of mine about the 9 deadly words women use, knowing that there are two sides to a coin, this is for the ladies………..and men too, lol
It’s Okay: Be ye not deceived lasses, when he says it’s okay or ‘ I don’t mind’, it’s really not okay, and he actually minds……….like really minds, like its way off his comfort zone, actually, you mostly hear this when he’s still chyking you, when he knows that there are other prospects on the line, after he’s gotten you, you start hearing stuff like, ‘why don’t we……that way, we both win’, you only hear ‘it’s okay’ again either on vals day or your birthday………
Whatever you say: Assuming you both want to go out this weekend and you want the movies but he wants to swim, he gives you 5 reasons why, and you give him 10 reasons  why the movie is bera, then he backs out and lets you have your say, but note, If anything goes wrong, it on your ass!
If it makes you happy: Ol’ boy this is more deadly than number 2, note, if it makes YOU happy, he never said, ‘if it makes you happy, it makes me happy’, we just kinda always complete the sentence ourselves! Now If it makes you happy that you both go for Kike’s gig and it turns to be boring and you come back sighing and cursing and then he feels like he wasted his time trying to make you happy and you turn around cursing and sighing and feeling guilty……………..see!
Fine: two aspects to this ladies, there’s the ‘fine’ as a complement and there’s ‘fine’ as a reply and they are both not good………….duhhh, check the title, don’t mind me. When you ask him how you look in your  5 figure costing hairdo or your new Ferragamo or Vera wang outfit and all he says is fine, there’s trouble men, even though he stresses the syllables and says ‘fiiiiiiiiiine’, still same thing dear, he has mentally calculated how much you spent so when next he asks for a lil help with a project, you can’t say you can’t. As for ‘fine’ as a reply, whenever you ask about something that naturally demands a story-like answer and he says ‘fine’, girl, leave the man alone!
Jiffy: Ok, help me out here, how can you quantify ‘jiffy’ on the clock, we only have minutes, seconds and hours, right, so that gives him all the time  in the world, all he’ll ever need, so when he’s just closed from work on a Friday and he says he’ll be home in a ‘jiffy’, don’t bother , he’s with the hommies
Baby: I don’t know why men feel that ‘baby’ is a magic word that can lighten every matter and get them out of their mess…………… forgot it was our anniversary even after having homemade 3-course candlelight dinner and you think calling me ‘baby’ will get you even a hug……… forgerrrrrrit!
Looking away: I know this is an action but babe this is a very audible action o! He’s like……….really, ………c’mon……….. you can’t, you wouldn’t  really pick Sucker Punch over Fast 5, then he hesitates and says ‘If it makes you happy’, y’all know what that means right.
Soooo: Yea, soooo is different from so, soooo simply means, conversation’s getting boring and he’s getting out of ideas, so means he’s still waiting for a favorable reply, note, ‘favorable’
I appreciate: Dude doesn’t appreciate jack, just saying this cause he thinks you expect him to, just trying to get you, I mean, if he appreciates your finger, you’ll show him your hand soon enough….
Haha, gotcha guys, I’m so sorry I had to spill ya beanz, still love y’all :-)

Yours……………..ever loyal



  1. Nnnyyyycccc.....ok o if u say sooooooo. Its okay and fine >>>>Dhamorla

  2. looooool, nic one dharmo, practical 10/10.

  3. If i were to rate this on a scale of 1 to 10... I'll give it a 21... it's really awesome!
    Just for this, I'll let u blog even while I'm driving... nice one

  4. oooh. Thanks T *blushing* hope u drop by again.