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Thursday, 16 June 2011


I still remember my first ever crush, I was in primary 5, He was also in primary 5, He was the second most brilliant student in school, I was 3rd on the list (yea, ive always known book). I even still remember his name…….Sunday, Sunday Orokpo, was from Benue and was a catholic, Had a head that looked like a car with the front doors open as he had those ‘Will Smith’ ears, but I still fancied him just the way he was. Even the teachers at school were in somewhat of an agreement on our friendship as they called us ‘husband and wife’, oh I remember how I would frown and tell them I didn’t like it when my insides were erupting with butterfly volcanoes……Sunday wherever you are would be nice to see you again.

Back then, everybody knew everybody’s crush and nobody made you look stupid or became jealous because your crush is also suddenly crushing on you and theirs……….well, lets say, was just not that in to them.

Crushes those days were quite cute and innocent, puppy love, no ulterior motives or selfish conquests to satisfy. Coming to the now, I’ve had crushes this hour and wondered the next hour what was so captivating in the first place. From one class (45 minutes) to one hour to one semester to one year………nah it never gets to one year, they always do something stupid and shatter the jinx as I would realize his eyes were too far apart and he really looked like a fish, or that he didn’t really have an awesome build, but an awesome skill in starching shirts.
Abeg, I have to give it to guys in my school, no other institution, corporate or otherwise can starch a shirt like they do, 3 gbosas to una jore. I remember one time when I spotted a friend of mine who looked so crisp and clean and I really wanted to compliment him and I called out to him, but the scene that followed was simply hilarious as he literally had to turn with his whole body to answer me as he had starched his shirt stiff!

Well my current crush…….or last crush……kinda knew I had a crush on him, and delightfully I think he felt same for me, I guess my case was easy, I read an article sometime ago in Bellanaija’s Aunty Bella column, where the gurl complained that she had ‘over fronted’ for a guy that had a crush on her and she also liked but didn’t want to appear cheap! Poor gurl, after a while dude fashied her side.

I understand what she meant though, sometime you fall for this guy who is notorious with the ladies, might have even just shattered Jane’s heart, but that doesn’t matter, you still get that anti-gravity feeling when he’s around, like, everybody shrinks and its just the two of you and no matter how hard you try, your cheek always give you away. But nowadays the ladies have learnt to pretend to themselves even when all the catch-me-staring-if-you-can games have paid off and he’s trying to make acquaintance.  
 Sometimes I wish everything was  like back then, when you could muster courage, walk up to the boy and tell him you wanted to borrow his………..was there ever a specific thing, but he would gladly give you whatever you asked and smiled with you.
Oh well, Such is life.
Yours…………till the crush is over


  1. looool@ car with front doors open, Nic one A.D

  2. yea ken, seriously it really looked like that, lool. Thanks for dropping by, hope you come again

  3. wit front doors open....evulllss