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Friday, 8 July 2011

Common Sense is not common

Uhnnn, my dearlies, I’m so sorry, I’ve been away hustling for a new I.T placement oh, and fortunately for us it clicked, thank God.
Ehhnnn, down to today’s matter, I’m sure the topic is not really new, but really common sense is not common oh, I always heard comedians joke about it but I have never really experienced it. Some people are just agbayas, I mean some things shouldn’t be done.
I took time out to enlist some of my top annoying ones
           ´          Blowing your nose in public. I mean c’mon even from nursery school we are taught to go to the toilet and do our business, but today I still see agbayas furiously blowing their nose in an office environment and giving you that haven’t-you-seen-someone-blowing-their-nose look! Like seriously, in an office.
           ´          Answering calls with a loud voice. This is sickening, they don’t even mind that they are discussing private matters, they’ll still speak as if they are quarrelling with the person on the other line, ‘ehheen, tell Nneka to warm the bitter leaf soup oh, yesterday it was tasting sa-ward and tell the pastor about the strange dreams I’ve been having....yes, especially the spirit wife’. The funny thing is that when they see how calls are meant to be answered (in a low voice), they start asking what the person is secretive about!
           ´          Peeping or outrightly staring at another person’s screen (computer or phone). Haba, I think this is the long term result of exam malpractice, even at old age, they just have to still copy the next person, stop looking at my computer, if you want to know what I’m doing, just ask, no be exam.
           ´          Constantly disturbing when someone is in the toilet. As in you have knocked and there was an answer, and you still come back 5 seconds later and ask, are you still there…….’no, it’s the shit talking to you’, I think the idea of locks to public rooms is to show that the room is either in use or out of use. If you can’t wait, go use another, DO NOT DISTURB shikena.
           ´          Shouting private answers publicly. This should be the worst, kai, I have seen this first hand. I was at my mum’s office when this pretty ‘aunty’ walked in, greeted everyone and walked up to Mrs. ShoutALot and whispered something in the latter’s ear to which she (Mrs. ShoutALot) shook her head and then ‘aunty’ turned to leave, when she was exactly at the middle of an office filled with young men, Mrs. ShoutALot then shouted ‘Oh Simbi, I think I’ve found one, come and take the pad, Is it heavy flow’, I still feel embarrassed for that aunty, she managed to feign a smile refusing the offer while managing to walk straight to the door as all the men gave her stares that could virtually speak.
These are just a few of mine, I’ld love to hear yours



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