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Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Scientists have, over the last century, recently discovered that asides gravity, there is something else, stronger, ancient and very mysterious that holds the entire universe together and to show how little their understanding of this mystery is, they are simply calling it DARK MATTER!

Now, dark matter is even believed to be the ‘matter’ from which the universe was made. It is said to be the shaping fabric found everywhere in space. They describe it as clouds and clusters of deep darkness, an ocean of tangible darkness (dark matter), that exploded to give light in the big bang theory; scientists version of the creation of the universe.

This, to scientist is one of the mind blowing discoveries of the century…………I say they are over two thousand years behind! This has ALWAYS been there in the Bible for all to see. Right there in John’s gospel [John 1:1]

It has always been there, explicitly explained:
‘In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, now the earth was formless and empty, DARKNESS was over the face of the DEEP, and the spirit of GOD was hovering over the WATERS’... [Gen 1:1-2 (NIV)]

It has always been there for us. DARK MATTER = FORMLESS EMPTY DARKNESS

Isn’t God just amazing! The Bible is not just a story book. Start studying the Bible like your life depended on it, because it does, loads of revelations abound. 

Nah this isn't mine, this is Gods', this is Rhema!


Becoming Mrs…….

Yes, in a couple of days, I’ll be Mrs somebody, and the planning has been #@$%#$%. Jeeeeeeezzz, there’re so many things needed to be done nowadays, you have to;

  • have a bridal shower, 
  • have asoebi, 
  • create hashtag, 
  • do pre-wedding shoot, 
  • task your bridesmaids and collect ya moni, 
  • have committee of friends and task them too, 
  • buy wedding gown, 
  • rent hall (with prices looking like house rent) and 
  • ontop of everything, you still have to arrange for transportation and accommodation for your guests. For heaven’s sake, I don’t think the couple of the wedding at Cana, in the Bible, organized bus for Jesus and his mama, they found their way na.

Everyone sees an intending couple as an avenue to make quick money, the annoying part is that phrase, ‘it’s a once in a lifetime event oh, so do it well’. Of course I want to do it well, but then do I really need bridal shower, do I need pre-wedding video, do I need to take lessons to do dramatic entrance biko, whatever happened to dancing in joyouslywith your hubby. I don’t think my mum had bridal shower and she and my dad are still loving up like teenagers. The pressure in this wedding business is out of this world, chineke! First, they pressure you to marry, ok, ekenedilichikwu, you find man to marry, then they pressure you on things to do for the wedding, and Bella and all those annoying blogs aren’t even helping matters.

Why can’t we just elope and go to a church and be blessed and continue life…………ok I think I’m just venting, I can never elope, not if I’m still my mother’s daughter, because she will pray my plans to scatter and pray me back home! Sounds like jazz, but trust me, its pure and unadulterated prayer. My mum is one of those people that can pray NEPA to bring back the light and, Voila! Yope, I have one of those literal prayer warrior mothers.

Ok, maybe I’m just angry at how much weddings cost these days, no wonder men want to be millionaires before they even start thinking marriage. Everything costs money, even in church, you pay, and the nonsense dollar, abi oil, has affected everything, even tin tomatoes is not as red as it used to be sef, jollof rice in parties these days are looking more and more confused. I’ve come to realize, that those marrying in this economy really love each other. In fact, I won’t be surprised if there are men pegging their marriage to a $100/barrel economy and to those ones I say, wehdone sirs!

Inshort, I’m tired, we’ll share the food and collect gifts right after church, we’ll save the house rent, sorry, hall rent money and payment for DJ and MC and, YESSS save the souvenir sharing episode, y’all don’t need souvenirs to know we are married, the child naming in 9 months should clear all doubts.

Yours…………in transition (like metamorphosis into a wife, not obituary biko)