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Friday, 22 August 2014

From a place of hurt

Not all feelings have words ascribed to them.......I'm experiencing one right now. The closest word however would be 'hopeless'. They say when life hands you lemons, you make lemonades, what if life hands you vinegar, what do you make out of them.

I was always quick to judge and criticize those chicks I saw on TV who became so helpless and hopeless when they got their hearts broken. 'My heart can never be broken', I'd say, 'it cant even be given to anyone not to talk of been broken cos it got in the wrong hands', I'd retort.

'Shut up, stupid!'. I'm sure that's what present me would be shouting to past me.
Indeed I had high walls, walls so high, even the great Chinese walls would be a joke, the ones in Jericho, LEGO.

But don't blame me, he's so skillfully, walked right in.....through the front gate! Drunk in whatever it was, I welcomed him in and locked all the doors so no one would disturb us.....Now the worst has happened and the keys are no where to be found, and these walls are so high, I cant throw him over.
The same walls I built to protect me, are the same ones fighting against me.

But no, i wont roll over and die, I'll be strong, i'll take up a new good hobby, i'll keep my head high, i'll make an awesome result, i'll turn this feeling to something good, i'll make a wine of this vinegar.

From a place of hurt and despair......your still....



  1. AWWW!!!
    You''ll be fine A.D. because you are strong and we look up to you

    1. Yes love, your a true victorious woman, and if I lay my hands on that's idotic douche bag that did this to u, HIS SO SO DEAD!!!
      So Chin babe, before your crown falls off.

  2. HMM!!! what could the guy have done?

  3. You'll make it through dear... *hug

  4. i try not to think to much about the guy am with even though i love him deeply, because if he leaves me......

  5. Reduce the wall for a sec and kick his narrrow behind away, then raise it again.

  6. Awwwww. Thanks so much guys.
    Im much much much better. My walls are automatic now. i raise and lower it at will. *wink
    Im truly touched.